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This little tool started out as a way to create backgrounds and starting stats for our D&D characters in a different way.  It's grown beyond it's little beginnings, but is still the same tool, just slowly growing.

Your best explaination of the tool is to probably try it out directly, but essentially what it does is take a UPC bar code (or similar code - ISBNs, phone numbers, whatever) and uses it to generate the beginnings of a character.  It currently builds the stats and a small background for the character.  

Then, take that starting info, plug it into eTools, PCGen, a piece of paper, whatever, and start building your character.

Using the Barcode PC Builder from this site will connect you to the most current version, not neccessarily the most stable - it should be considered beta on some level unless otherwise noted. Eventually both version should be linked here (current stable, and most up to date) but they aren't here yet.

Please feel free to use the tool directly or you can get the code itself if you want to see how it works or implement it on your own site - this builder is a Sourceforge project, so you can get the code from the project site.

Feedback and suggestions for improvements are always welcome!